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April 2023

Comprehensive permit filed under chapter 40B

Initial plans called for 244 units consisting of 493k gross square feet


May 2023

First ZBA Meeting

July 2023

Second ZBA Meeting

August 2023

First Conceptual Redesign

September 2023

Third ZBA Meeting

October 2023

Second Conceptual Redesign

Toll Brothers heard and incorporated Newton's concerns and reduced the unit count by 46 units and redesigned the massing for continuity in the existing area


November 2023

Fourth ZBA Meeting

January 2024

Third Conceptual Redesign

21132 23 1221 528 Boylston_ ZBA Submission_TAT_stamped.pdf

January 24th, 2024

Fifth ZBA Meeting

February 2024

Abutter Outreach

Toll and our design team has personally invited the Hagen Road Abutters to meet in order to answer any outstanding questions they may have.

March 13th, 2024

Sixth ZBA Meeting