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Send a personal letter of support for 528 Boylston Street

Mr. Michael Rossi, Chairman

City of Newton

Zoning Board of Appeals

1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Centre

By Email to: Brenda Belsanti, Zoning Board Clerk

Dear Mr. Rossi and Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals,

I have reviewed the 528 Boylston Street plans, and support the proposal because of the many benefits to our community:

  • The project will provide 184 units of desperately needed new housing.

  • The project includes 37 units affordable to 80% AMI and 9 units affordable to 50% AMI.

  • Unlike many new apartment buildings in Newton, the project is heavily weighted toward family-sized units. More than 80% of the units are two- or three-bedroom units.

  • The project is well located on Route 9 just a half mile from the Chestnut Hill commercial corridor and is within walking distance to Newton South and two middle schools.

  • The project includes off-site improvements making it safer for pedestrians near the Project.

  • The sustainability measures include Passive House certification, a robust embodied carbon analysis, and an EV car share service for residents.

  • The developer has made significant changes to this project in response to concerns of the community including reducing the size of the project from 244 units to 184 units.

As a Newton community member, I support the plan for 528 Boylston Street. I ask that you approve the project and allow this much-needed housing to be built.

Thank you,