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Current Massing

528 Boylston St

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Project location

528 Boylston St

Project phase

Community review


New apartment homes designed to meet Passive House standards


Inclusionary Housing

~236 Parking Spaces

~250k Residential Sq Ft

528 Boylston's original proposal included 244 units and 385 parking spaces. Since then, we have conducted several town meetings and heard feedback that prompted us to redesign the building three times. Our current proposal has shrunk the building approximately 152k square feet, reduced the unit count to 184, and limited on-site parking to 236.

Original Massing Original Massing

Initial Conceptual Design - March 2023

First RedesignFirst Redesign

First Redesign - August 2023

Current DesignCurrent Design

Second Redesign - Current Massing

What is 528 Boylston St

Birds Eye map view of project locationBirds Eye map view of project location

The Vision

528 Boylston is a proposed redevelopment of an existing landscape & construction yard into a vibrant new apartment community, which will address the significant housing shortfall as well as provide significant levels of affordable housing for the city of Newton.

We envision the project to provide hardworking citizens of the commonwealth with the housing they desperately need and deserve- a project that adds, not subtracts to the livelihoods of Newton's residents.

528 Boylston will be a safe place called home for many- where they can live, work, play, and enjoy what Newton has to offer.

 image of fall foliage on a street in newton image of fall foliage on a street in newton

The Opportunity

Massachusetts currently suffers from a severe housing shortage. Over the past 30 years, the Boston metro area has only provided 0.2 new homes for every new job added.

528 Boylston has the potential to transform an underutilized industrial site on Rt. 9 into a community oriented development.

As currently proposed the community will create ~184 new households, ~46 units offered at varying affordability levels between 50-80% of the Area's Median Income. Newton has the opportunity to invite new neighbors to their community and move together into a prosperous future.

 Newton, MA City Hall building exterior  Newton, MA City Hall building exterior

Community Engagement

It is of the utmost importance for us to hear from you!

Community feedback has helped us bring vital improvements to the project, including revamped pedestrian & bike experience through new sidewalks and signage, and storm-water engineering that surpasses typical requirements.

Please check out our timeline section to see how we've done thus far.

Public Benefits

Job Creation

Jobs and Housing go hand in hand, with 528 Boylston you can welcome teachers, doctors, nurses, researchers, and others to your wonderful neighborhood

Economic & Tax Benefits

With new housing- new jobs and increased property values will follow- creating a new age of economic prosperity for the town of Newton

Pedestrian Streetscape

Included in the redesign of 528 Boylston is a beautiful new streetscape with side walks, landscaping, lighting, and traffic buffers - creating a safe, joyful walking experience along Boylston Street

Multi-use path

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