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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who is the Developer?

Toll Brothers Apartment Living is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toll Brothers Inc., a division that specializes in the development and management of multifamily residential properties. Our New England office includes 9 assets in various stages of development. We have a proven track record of investing in local communities and take pride in our years of charitable work. We believe in building strong communities, and honoring the people and history of the cities and towns where we work. We look forward to getting to know you throughout this community engagement process! For more information on Toll Brothers please visit our website

2. Has this project been approved already?

No, the public review process began upon initial submittal this past April and will include many opportunities for participation online and at virtual and in-person events. We look forward to working with many stakeholders over the coming months.

3. When will the project be built?

It is expected that 528 Boylston Street will break ground in 2025 and open for leasing in 2027. We are currently working with the City through the approvals process. Please subscribe to receive updates, and check out our timeline posted here on the site to stay as up to date as possible! 

4. How will this project benefit the community?

528 Boylston Street will provide circa 184 units of new housing- a much needed addition to Newton's housing stock. In addition, the site will improve the pre-existing conditions pertaining to storm-water and flooding management, lighting, signage, and walk-ways, and also parking & traffic.


How is this project addressing our housing needs?

Based on the latest project plans, this project will deliver ~184 number of new units including ~46 affordable units.

Transit and Parking

Transit and Parking

1. How is this project transit-oriented development?

The project is conveniently located near public transit. In addition, we will be improving sidewalk infrastructure onsite, providing secure bike parking for residents, as well as a new multi-use pedestrian path from Boylston Street to Hagen Road.

2. How much parking will be provided?

As currently proposed, there will be ~236 parking stalls- adequate to park all residents and visitors comfortably.

3. What is your plan to address parking concerns?

Toll Brothers and our transportation consultant, MDM, have conducted a comprehensive parking and traffic study. Our parking plan fits within the city’s parking code, and we have gone above and beyond the requirements by providing more than what is required to ensure that neighbors are not impacted by overflow. In addition, we have consciously planned ingress & egress from our site and garage to mitigate noise, light, and traffic concerns for our neighbors.

Community Involvement

1. What engagement has occurred with the community?

Our team began meeting with community members and the city in Fall 2022 to understand key needs and priorities. You can follow our events and meetings in the Timeline section.

We launched this website to share information and gather feedback in addition to community members. We understand not everyone is able to attend and want to make the process as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

2. How can I get involved?

Click subscribe at the top of the page to receive email updates directly from the project team! We will be sharing information about upcoming meetings and events. You can also provide feedback here.

Share this website with your community, friends, and family.

Community Involvement

Storm-water Management

1. Will this project exacerbate flooding in the area?

We have contracted Bohler Engineering to design and execute our storm-water management system. We are confident that our plan will improve the existing conditions within the boundaries of our site.

How does 528 Boylston compare to other 40B projects in Newton?

40B in Newton

How will the project look for direct abutters?

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