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Community Ideas

Thanks for all your input! We are tracking ideas that are in review, under consideration, or incorporated into plans. Some ideas may not be feasible at this time and we'll explain why. Stay tuned for more updates!

1. Multi-Use Path

Include a walking and biking path for the public to enjoy heading south from Boylston


We have spoken to a number of stakeholders that are interested in seeing this built along side our proposed project. It will greatly improve the neighborhood connectivity and pedestrian experience along Boylston and the Paul Brook.

2. Wetland Resource Rejuvenation

Improve water management, grade, and remove invasive species in the wetland zones


We understand the importance of Massachusetts's wetlands and are committed to rejuvenating the Paul Brook/Wetland area

3. Sustainability Initiatives

Design 528 Boylston to Passive House sustainability requirements

Incorporated into Plans

The proposed project will be a certified Passive House, the first multifamily development of its kind in Newton.

4. Improved Pedestrian Safety on Route 9

There will be a complete redesign of the sidewalks along Route 9 with traffic buffers, new lighting & signage, and landscaping.

Incorporated into Plans

Already conceptually design, the pedestrian experience will be drastically improved on the project's Route 9 frontage.